Getting to Riverdale Park Station

Conveniently located just off US 1 and close to a number of hiking and biking trails, Riverdale Park Station is easily accessible.

Directions to Riverdale Park Station

Vehicular access to the site will be provided from three points along US 1. The main entrance is directly across from Van Buren Street. The two remaining access points are right-in right-out entrances on US 1, one north and one south of the main entrance. No vehicular access is proposed from the southern border of the property to Rhode Island Avenue or from the northern border of the property through the WMATA parcel to Albion Road.

The proposed main entrance into the site is proposed to be signalized. Furthermore, the proposed main entrance will be designed to restrict access to/from Van Buren Street. Please see the Road Improvements section.

In addition to the proposed access points along US 1, an additional access point across the CSX tracks is being considered. The Cafrtiz development team is actively working with CSX to determine the feasibility of providing this additional access point. It is envisioned that the potential CSX crossing would be either an elevated or below grade crossing and would connect to River Tech Court or River Road.

Transportation Management Plan

TDM Plan 

Generally, a transportation demand management plan (TDM) is a wide range of policies, programs, services and products that influence how, why, when, and where people travel to make travel patterns more sustainable. The TDM plan for this development includes educational and informational elements, on-site construction elements, and commuter assistance programs. Please see below for a brief description of the TDM elements.

Education and Information: Information about transit options and alternate modes of transportation is provided to each tenant, employee and resident.

On-Site Construction: Taxi stands, bus shelters, bike racks and bike lockers will be provided.

Commuter Assistance Programs: Ridesharing, vanpool, carpool, transit subsidies, shuttle system and/or support for existing shuttle programs will be encouraged through incentives.

Learn about our many transportation options with our Transportation Management Plan.


Pedestrian Access

Sidewalks will be installed along the entire property frontage of US 1 and along the WMATA property frontage from the Cafritz Property to Albion Road. The signalization of the intersection of US 1/Van Buren Street/Main Entrance will be constructed to meet all of the American Disability Act standards to include; crosswalks, handicap ramps, and pedestrian crosswalk countdown signal heads. 


The owners and the Prince George’s County have agreed to work together in a public-private partnership in order to build a pedestrian and vehicular bridge over the CSX railroad tracks along the eastern boundary of the Property. This bridge will allow for east-to-west access to the Property, and further enhance the transit oriented, pedestrian friendly nature of the Project.

Hiker/Biker Trail

A hiker/biker trail is proposed through the Cafrtiz Property. This trail will follow the path of the historic trolley, which traveled through the site. Thus, the hiker/biker trail will run from Riverdale Park to the south through the property to College Park and the north at Albion Road.